John Searl, Ralph Ring & Jason Verbelli (Parts 1 to 10)

SEG Team personnel Morris and Verbelli are the speakers at the "Tesla to John Searl" lecture hosted by the Unarius Academy of Science in El Cajon, CA, USA.

Media News

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Actor Documentary Film Producer Talks About John Searl And The Searl Effect.

For the first time, Prof. Searl, Morris and Lockerman group interview; click to listen here.  Courtesy of the PARA-X RADIO

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Prof. Searl Interviewed On The Bob Oliver Show “QUANTUM LEAP”

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Professor John Searl & Fernando Morris’s Interview At Richplanet.Net

I was delighted to meet Professor John Searl, the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator. Fernando Morris accompanied John in the interview. Fernando is currently working in the States to try and replicate the device. In this interview Richard attempts to understand how this energy (and flying) device works. It has certain principals in common with standard motors…

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A Special Song Written And Recorded By Peter Nelson For The Searl

A special song written and recorded by Peter Nelson for the Searl cause and endeavors.“The man that saved the World†(mp3, 8MB)rights reserved to use for the Searl organization by the original artist.

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Prof. John Searl’s Interview With It’s A Rainmaking Time

Technology pioneer John Searl emerges from the lab to discuss The Searl Effect – an exciting innovation that will make power plants obsolete and power our vehicles into perpetuity for free. The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) promises to be one of the greatest inventions in human history and a window to a new world of…

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Animation Of The Electron’s Journey Through The SEG.

This will introduce you to the Searl Technology’s electrical currents which involves electron pairing. This is unlike today’s conventional currents that involves only individual electrons that results in heat losses.

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SEG R&D Taking Place At The Searl Magnetics

The article below is truly interesting and indirectly supports current SEG R&D taking place at the Searl Magnetics lab based in the USA. It all goes to prove what Prof. John Searl has been saying all along about the SEG concept! The SEG also consists of layered materials to achieve such effects for it is in…

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LNM Radio About The History Of Searl’s Technology

John Searl & Bradley Lockerman as they talk to host Michael Vara on LNM Radio about the history of Searl’s technology and informing us of the progress that has been made to date toward the rebuilding of the SEG!

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Breakthrough Energy Movement Coming Soon, Attend the Breakthrough Energy Movement October 10th – 12th. Information about the upcoming 2013 conference and it’s venue of speakers; including Searl Team Members as speakers with proof of concept demonstrations on stage and display areas.