Professor John Searl & Fernando Morris’s Interview at

Professor John Searl & Fernando Morris’s Interview at

I was delighted to meet Professor John Searl, the inventor of the

Searl Effect Generator. Fernando Morris accompanied John in the

interview. Fernando is currently working in the States to try and

replicate the device. In this interview Richard attempts to understand

how this energy (and flying) device works. It has certain principals in

common with standard motors and generators, but is different in one

very important respect. The electricity is unlike normal electric current

in that the chaos or random electron motion is not present, which means

the drift velocity of electrons is huge (approaching light speed).

This enables the device to become superconductor, which in turn

creates an anti gravitic effect.

View the TV interview at, click below for parts 1, 2 or 3.

 Interview part 1              Interview part 2              Interview part 3