About Us

Embracing a mission of providing our future generations a world with little to no pollution, clear skies, purer waterways and the resurgence of nature’s abundance. We also sees faster and more efficient transportation system on land, air and space that is safer and more accessible. A system that is economical and available to all of the World’s population; not just to the privileged few.

Our Vision

Various people throughout history claimed to have generated what the scientific community would call free energy or pure energy, including the likes of Nikola Tesla, unfortunately today most of them are deceased.


However, John Searl is alive today and retracing these past endeavors to rediscover this clean and unlimited energy technology.


In the past, John Searl kept much of his technology secret for fear of theft or abuse. He has been wrongfully imprisoned and years of research were destroyed. He has experienced some terrible setbacks in the past and that was almost the end of this technology. Miraculously, he is alive today with the full intent to fulfill his solemn promise to future generations and he is more determined than ever before.

Our Mission

Redefine our future? Fossil energy will become very rare and extremely expensive a long time before it runs out. Almost all scientists and geologists will agree with this reality. There is now an inherent need to find alternative ways to transport people and goods, and to grow food and heat homes.


There are many proposed solutions, but most are short term fixes and any longer term proposals are uncertain and unpredictable both in planning and result. None can be regarded as cheap and abundant like oil used to be. John Searl.


Certainly, energy conservation plays a key role. Prolong finite fossil fuels, hence buying time to develop alternative energy solutions. This can be achieved by increasing fuel taxes, banning recreational vehicles and the like. The number of trucks can be reduced in favor of rail, and carpooling, public transportation and bicycles can be promoted and then enforced.

Our Team

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Fernando D. Morris

Founder and Director

Fernando D. Morris (Morris) is the CEO of SEG Magnetics, Inc., and his experience extends over 20 years of involvement with John Searl and technical investigations into the engineering merits of the SEG concept.


Julien Merzoug


Mr. Merzoug is a senior level international executive with a unique blend of financial, operational, technical and corporate strategy experience in the energy industry and construction. He has significant international business relationships and has a unique blend of management skills he has developed from his 35+ years in the project development and finance sectors. Mr. Merzoug acted as a Senior Executive Consultant to some of the largest providers of technical and commercial due diligence for the investment banking industry and to Multinational Engineering and Infrastructure, Procurement, Construction, and Management Companies.


Jason Verbelli

Media Relations Officer

Jason Verbelli is an independent investigator and researcher of unconventional technologies. Since 2006, he has dedicated himself to experimenting with exotic phenomenon both electric and magnetic.



Member Communications

Vincent Hallberg has been involved in open source software, website development, corporate marketing and management since 1994.


Professor John R. R. Searl

SEGS Consultant

Professor John R. R. Searl is the founder of the Searl Effect Technology and the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG).