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SEG offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy.

Clean Energy Generation

The most advanced energy solution in the world today. No wood, no coal, no gas, no radiation, no wear, no heating, no noise, no problem.

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The SEG can be as small as one meter in diameter and can generate 15 kWh and provide power to any AC/DC device.

It requires no other source of fuel other than free-floating electrons, which exist everywhere in nature.


The SEG consists of three Stator Rings that are composed of four distinctively different materials concentrically layered to each other and fixed to a base. Surrounding each of the Plates are rotors (called Rollers) constructed with the same materials, but are free to rotate around the Stator Ring. The innermost Stator Ring has 12 rollers, 22 on the second stage and 32 on the final Stator Ring. Conventional electromagnets surrounding the outermost set of Rollers. They are C shaped cores and by way of magnetic induction, they tap energy out of the rapidly orbiting Rollers. These inductive pickup coils are connected in various configurations to supply AC or DC power at a variety of desired voltage and current levels to suit residential, business or industrial applications.The SEG is defined as a device constructed of 2,124 component parts that make up 3 Stator rings (12 parts) and 66 Roller sets (2112). Each roller set consists of 8 segments constructed from 32 component parts.Each set of Stator Rings and Rollers is configured to power out in series from the innermost to the outside and each has ratings based on its mass or weight. The rule of thumb is 90 watts per pound or 200 watts per kilograms of the generator’s weight. It follows that first stage or innermost is rated at 2.5kW, the second stage at 4.5kW and the outermost rates at 8kW for a 15kW SEG unit. Therefore, the smallest unit is the innermost and is suitable for the smallest power requirements.

How does it work?

The best way to describe how the SEG works is to compare it to a concept we already understand fully, a Dam.

Water in its usable form flows through the Hydroelectric Dam = Electrons in Neodymium in their usable form flow through the dielectric layer (Electron Dam or Regulator).

As the water is allowed to flow through the motor-generator, it starts to produce electricity = As the electrons are allowed to flow, the SEG motor-generator starts to produce electricity with external C-shaped electromagnets.

The water behind the dam is understood = The electron behind the SEG dam should be understood likewise.

That the dam holds back water in H2O currents is understood = That the SEG dam holds back electrons within the Neodymium in electrical currents should be understood likewise.

As the hydroelectric motor is regulated with flow of water, more water, more power is understood = As the SEG motor regulates the flow of electrons, more electrons, more power can be understood just as well.

In both cases the flow of the medium turns the motor generator.

In both cases the motor generator produces electricity.

In both cases we can see that hydroelectric power and SEG power are very similar.

The primary difference is the medium used to turn the motor/ generator system.

Current Progress and Development

The SEG is a concept under development in San Diego County, California, USA. SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM) has investigated the concept extensively within modest budgets. It has been an active R&D project since June of 2010. The results are very encouraging and confirm our understanding of the SEG functions and capabilities. Much of it is now self-evident with the proof-of-concept demonstration units, and more units are scheduled with additional time and resources. Now our objective is to speed up and finalize the development of SEG with complete funding of the project and to proceed with any production plans

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