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Join our list of individuals from around the world, to make a difference with the SEG Society, and pave the way to a better future together.

SEG Member Level Information

Guest Contributor

Anyone can make donations under $100 to the SEG Society. Additional contributions by the same person later can add up towards SEGS membership over any period of time.

SEGS Membership

Your contribution of $100 or more will make you an honorable member of the SEG Society. As a member, you have the option to communicate directly with the SEG Team and make further future contributions to reach Fund Group Membership.

Present list of Contributors

Amount Member Level Member Name Country
$100 Member J. Lithgow USA
$200 Member G. Formosa Malta
$100 Member D. Brink USA
$2100 Fund Member Level J. Yozamp USA
$100 Member C Lipshay USA
$100 Member M. Russell USA
$100 Member M Fraser USA
$200 Member A. Studley USA
$100 Member R. Robinson USA
$100 Member J. Moore USA
$100 Member W. Hamer USA
$100 Member J. Smith UK
$100 Member J. Frisell USA
$5 Donation S. Urbonavicius Lithuania
$100 Member C.S. USA
$30 Donation P. Tabrizi Netherlands
$11.90 Bitcoin Donation K. Hash
$28.35 Bitcoin Donation F. Horan
$100 Member J. Thibault
$1500 Fund Member Level X. Zou Canada
$100 Member K. McNamara USA
$2400 Share Level Member S. Reiman USA
$100 Member O. R. LIE Norway
$3000 Fund Member Level P. Phippen USA
$100 Member C. Lau USA
$1500 Fund Member Level S. White Canada
$1500 Fund Member Level E. Hutson
$50.55 Guest Contributor P. Gossland
$560 Member N. Cohn
$1500 Fund Member Level M. Desmond Australia
$608 Member C. Atkins Canada
$100 Member R. Garcia USA
$200 Member J. Crawford Australia
$100 Member B. Harris USA
$1500 Share Level Member Agenthuman007 USA
$22.20 Guest Contributor R. Goubert UK
$210 Guest Contributor S.W.B. USA
$100 Member A. Marshall USA
$3000 Fund Member Level W. Wright
$10 Guest Contributor J. Rustbakken Norway
$50 Guest Contributor M. Rice USA
$100 Member C. Randolph USA
$100 Member W. Woodward USA
$100 Member M. Voigtlaender Switzerland
$105 Member R. Wilkinson USA
$100 Member T. Stewart USA
$100 Member T. Earley USA
$25 Guest Contributor C. Wheeler USA

Past SS Members are accepted into the 2016 SEG Society membership and they are listed below

Member Name Amount Country
S. Michael $50 Cyprus
M. Rivera $500 USA
J. Mattsson $50 Finland
D. Boissonneault $100
R. Gaffar $50
D. Jones $50 USA
T. Leigh $50
J. Yozamp $1600 USA
S. Mathias $100
M. Doherty $200
C. Smith $50 Netherland
G. Stephens $100 USA
K. Wallis $50
A.P. Torres $55
A. Vakil $450 USA
C. Stathopoulos $1400 Australia
Pharaonic $50 Egypt
G. Rees $50 Australia
S. Blubaugh $50 Spain
K. Rees $100 Australia
R. Adams $50
H. Kippert $50
TrafficPot $50
M. Pickard $50 USA
T. Kirkwood $50
L. Boudreau $100
A. Gleeson $50 Australia
S. Lupan $50 USA
J. Carbo $50
Ai Believe Biz $50 Australia
I. Iudice $100 USA
L. McVaigh $250 USA
S. Lautizar $100
D. Capewell $50
G. Maifredi $25 Australia
P. Szczyrek $50 Australia
KCS Engineering $650
L. E. Hemlof $50 Australia
J. E. Stephens $200 USA
Hope$4uAll $50 USA
S. Gawron $450 USA
S. Mc Rostie $400 Australia
M. Mahr $900
J. Kerr $325
J. Hishchak $650 Canada
P. Rojek $800 USA
S. Bonn $750
R. Duguay $400 Canada