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Join our list of individuals worldwide to making the SEG a reality with the SEG Society public platform; paving the way to a better future for all. 

SEG Member Levels Information

Guest Contributor

Anyone can make donations under $100 to the SEG Society. Later, the same person’s contributions can be added to the SEGS membership.

SEGS Membership

Your contribution of $100 or more will make you an honorable member of the SEG Society. As a member, you can communicate directly with the SEG Team and make further future contributions to reach Group Fund Membership.

SEGS Fund Group Membership

Contributions of $1500 and any multiples of it go toward the active SEG project, and you will be assigned an equivalent share of SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM) within the SEGS Group Fund. The SEGS Group Fund supports the leading and active SEG research and development at the SEGM facility in the USA.

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Membership $100 or more


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Fund Member $1500 per unit

SEGS Private Group Fund


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We do accept Bitcoin
Address: 3P9fHyNSXbM1UETCxY1Ax6Hbmc4MpNk9dA

Note: After a Bitcoin transaction, be sure to send us a notification of it with your name or title, country, and the amount by email:

Present list of Contributors

$100MemberJ. LithgowUSA
$200MemberG. FormosaMalta
$100MemberD. BrinkUSA
$2,100Fund Member LevelJ. YozampUSA
$100MemberC LipshayUSA
$100MemberM. RussellUSA
$100MemberM FraserUSA
$200MemberA. StudleyUSA
$100MemberR. RobinsonUSA
$100MemberJ. MooreUSA
$100MemberW. HamerUSA
$100MemberJ. SmithUK
$100MemberJ. FrisellUSA
$5DonationS. UrbonaviciusLithuania
$30DonationP. TabriziNetherlands
$11.90Bitcoin DonationK. Hash
$28.35Bitcoin DonationF. Horan
$100MemberJ. Thibault
$1,500Fund Member LevelX. ZouCanada
$100MemberK. McNamaraUSA
$2,400Share Level MemberS. ReimanUSA
$100MemberO. R. LIENorway
$3,000Fund Member LevelP. PhippenUSA
$100MemberC. LauUSA
$1,500Fund Member LevelS. WhiteCanada
$1,500Fund Member LevelE. Hutson
$50.55Guest ContributorP. Gossland
$638MemberN. Cohn
$1,500Fund Member LevelM. DesmondAustralia
$608MemberC. AtkinsCanada
$100MemberR. GarciaUSA
$200MemberJ. CrawfordAustralia
$100MemberB. HarrisUSA
$1,500Share Level MemberAgenthuman007USA
$22.20Guest ContributorR. GoubertUK
$210Guest ContributorS.W.B.USA
$100MemberA. MarshallUSA
$3,000Fund Member LevelW. Wright
$10Guest ContributorJ. RustbakkenNorway
$50Guest ContributorM. RiceUSA
$100MemberC. RandolphUSA
$100MemberW. WoodwardUSA
$100MemberM. VoigtlaenderSwitzerland
$105MemberR. WilkinsonUSA
$100MemberT. StewartUSA
$100MemberT. EarleyUSA
$25Guest ContributorC. WheelerUSA
$101MemberM. BortolussiItaly
$3000Fund Member LevelS. LuUSA

Past SS Members are accepted into the 2016 SEG Society membership, and they are listed below

S. Michael$50Cyprus
M. Rivera$500USA
J. Mattsson$50Finland
D. Boissonneault$100
R. Gaffar$50
D. Jones$50USA
T. Leigh$50
J. Yozamp$1600USA
S. Mathias$100
M. Doherty$200
C. Smith$50Netherland
G. Stephens$100USA
K. Wallis$50
A.P. Torres$55
A. Vakil$450USA
C. Stathopoulos$1,400Australia
G. Rees$50Australia
S. Blubaugh$50Spain
K. Rees$100Australia
R. Adams$50
H. Kippert$50
M. Pickard$50USA
T. Kirkwood$50
L. Boudreau$100
A. Gleeson$50Australia
S. Lupan$50USA
J. Carbo$50
Ai Believe Biz$50Australia
I. Iudice$100USA
L. McVaigh$250USA
S. Lautizar$100
D. Capewell$50
G. Maifredi$25Australia
P. Szczyrek$50Australia
KCS Engineering$650
L. E. Hemlof$50Australia
J. E. Stephens$200USA
S. Gawron$450USA
S. Mc Rostie$400Australia
M. Mahr$900
J. Kerr$325
J. Hishchak$650Canada
P. Rojek$800USA
S. Bonn$750
R. Duguay$400Canada