SEG-IGV Technology

SEG-IGV Technology

John Searls SEG and IGV Technology with Fernando Morris

What a great presentation of the John Searl story
and display of the concept. This will further help us
in the understandings of spaceship travel. The SEG
seems to be operating on a quantum level.

Spaceship travel?!?…Really?

John Searls SEG

SEG Technology

Some day we will look back in time and wonder
why it took so long to advance. When we
where given this technology all along.

The SEG’s working sophistication is beyond
basic academic and mainstream comprehension.
Patience in learning with an open mind will
reveal a better way of harnessing clean energy
without compromising the natural environment.

This all leads back to the Law of the Squares.

John Searls SEG – Q&A with Fernando Morris

Understanding the SEG – Reality of Costs/ “Blueprints” – Mock Up vs Prototype –
Coherence vs Chaos – History of John Searl – Current Status of Project & Context:

You can not have different matter in the same space,

 but you can have different matter in different spaces at the same time,

 or have different matter in the same space at different times.

Prof. John R.R. Searl