Fraudulence and Deception

Fraudulence and Deception

Beware of group fraudulence and deception!

It has come to our attention that the “black listed” group associated with Russell Anderson is using Prof. John Searl’s name, concepts and copyrights to gather crowdfunding without his authorization and approval.

He DEMANDS that such sites be shutdown immediately.

Report such abuses to:

and we will take action to stop it.

News update for December 17, 2014

This is an excerpt and a preview of Prof. Searl’s latest 500 page book with regards to such matters. Brad and those associated with him are banned for 10 years with anything relating to SEG technology.  What he is holding up is an SEG prototype stator ring developed by Lead Engineer and President – Fernando Morris of Searl Magnetics, Inc.

Beware of Brad attempts to further deceive with video clips edited out of context to personally insult.

I, Prof.  John Roy Robert Searl, of British Birth, hereby declare under oath, that the recent crowdfunding video release by Russell Anderson and the group that pays his salary, is no more than a CON by using my name, technology concepts, copyrights and illustrations is ALL without my consent!

   As from February 8th at 2200 hours GMT, Kirk Miller resigned from the Searl organization, on the grounds that he voted himself out and would not cooperate with my Lead Engineer Morris. Thereby, he lost all rights for a period of 10 years from using anything he has gained while being remotely involved with any of the Searl business ventures. This also applies to Bradley Lockerman, Philip Talbert, Russell Anderson, and perhaps John Thomas Jr. as well.

There is a crowdfunding site video with Kirk (or any other site that shows it), it contains statements which they know are deceptive, misleading, untrue and it goes against my interests.

It is my duty to the public, as acting Secretary General of the Searl Organization Worldwide, to prepare legal action to stop it from an independent country to the USA, where the offense has been made public and in the UK. I have hereby informed ALL to beware, that their crowdfunding video is a CON, produced by a group we previously blacklisted this year.

At this present time, I cannot confirmed if this Bruce Parsons person was involved in it, but I have to warn everyone that he is closely related with those that have betrayed my interests for their own.


Legal action will follow, this statement has been authorized by:

Prof, J. R. R. Searl: rightful owner of the technology and the inventor of the concept by any name or term.

For a signed copy of Prof. Searl’s Directive: click here