Discover Magnets Have Waves And Poles Not Just Poles

Discover Magnets Have Waves And Poles Not Just Poles

John R.R. Searl, Discover Magnets

What John R. R. Searl wants us to discover magnets more. Scientists have always maintained that there is only one method of magnetization possible. This occurs with clear and discrete poles of North and South. The industry has produced multiple poles on a magnet. They always claim this with discrete North South polarity.

On May 9, 2005, at The Victory Hall, Aboyne, Scotland, Professor John Roy Robert Searl made a demonstration.  A magnetic wave pattern on a Ferro-magnetic metal material. He thus proved conventional scientist wrong.

This demonstration was witnessed by officials.  They where from the Scottish Government.  There was also a member of the press. The entire lecture was videotaped.  Video taping was done by a reputable production company from Los Angeles California.

Try experimenting with your own magnets.

discover magnets demontration video